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Contabo Review – The Cheapest Cloud Hosting of 2022

Contabo is a simple, cheap and effective cloud hosting provider in the market. It offers VPS, VDS and dedicated servers located in Germany, Singapore and the US.

If you’ve been buying cloud hosting from the top providers like DigitalOcean or Linode; and never tried Contabo, you are losing a lot of money on the table. Go and checkout Contabo Now!

contabo homepage screen

To get enough resources (storage, memory and CPU) from any other provider, you may have to pay over $40/month. You can get the same amount of resources within $10/mo on Contabo.

contabo pricing

Sounds sweet? That’s right.

Let’s explore in this Contabo review –

Contabo Features

Contabo has everything that you may need to build/deploy cloud infrastructure for game streaming, web hosting or remove desktop management.

features of contabo vps servers

VPS are mostly used for web hosting purpose which are performance-ready and have enough resources to handle huge traffic. If your website is increasing and you want to host it on a large cloud server, Contabo is what you should explore.

Products & Pricing of Contabo

Talking about the range of products at Contabo, they offer the following products.

  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Virtual Dedicated Servers
  • Physical Dedicated Servers
  • Storage VPS Server

How to signup for Contabo?

Buying your first cloud server on Contabo is easy. To begin with the signup process, you first need to figure out the type of server you want to deploy.

Let’s get started –

Step 1. Open homepage

contabo homepage

Step 2. Choose the pricing plan you want to buy. For this tutorial, I choose VPS that costs $6.99.

vps pricing plan at contabo

Step 3. Configure your cloud server. If you’re going to host a WordPress Site on the server, copy the below configuration.

configure your vps in contabo

Step 4. Click on “Next” to proceed further.

Step 5. On the next screen, choose “Private Individual” or “Business” based on your billing structure. and fill up the personal details along with your email address.

contabo signup

Step 6. Simply choose your payment method and type the payment card details. Once ready, click on Next to complete your order.

make payment for contabo hosting plan

After you complete the payment, your server will be deployed and the details will be sent to your email address.

Contabo Pros & Cons


  • More resources
  • Cheapest prices
  • 100% uptime
  • Outstanding performance
  • Servers in Asia, Germany and USA


  • Setup cost for first month
  • Instant deployment not available
  • Extra cost for locations other than Germany

Contabo Alternatives

As you already know, Contabo has the cheapest plans for dedicated and virtual servers. However, there are brands in competition of Contabo. You can consider these brands as alternatives.

1. SSDNodes

Keeping the price factor in consideration, SSDNodes is the top competitor and the best alternative. The feature and the way of operation is pretty much similar.

2. DigitalOcean

Though the price point does not fit as a competitor to Contabo, you can get your websites up and running with DigitalOcean cloud servers.

Want to learn more about Contabo? Here’s the place where I am going to add the resources, real usage data and test results. Also, I will be adding specific tutorials here related to Contabo.

FAQs about Contabo

Is Contabo Trusted?

Contabo was founded back in 2003. More than 18 years of existence and that’s enough to conclude that it is a trusted hosting company.

Where are Contabo Servers Located?

Contabo had data centers only in Germany. But now, they have servers in Singapore, US East (New York City), US West (Seattle) and US Central (St. Louis) Regions as well.

Does Contabo offer NVMe VPS?

Yes, there is an option to choose from normal SSD or NVMe SSD while configuring your server.

How much tax is there for Customers in India?

contabo server tax india

Contabo charges 18% VAT from Indian customer. This is an additional cost that is only applicable for Indian customers.


Contabo Review

A perfect VPS hosting company for the cheapest cost and best resources.

Vashishtha Kapoor

Value for money


Contabo is a perfect hosting company for you if you’re based out of Germany or you need a germany-based server. A server in any other location will cost you extra money which is totally justified and still a perfect deal.