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Contabo Vs DigitalOcean – Head to Head Comparison

In my last post, we discussed the Contabo review and found that Contabo is excellent for cheap VPS servers.

I have been using Contabo VPS hosting for a long time now and have had great results. However, many of you are still looking to know the actual difference between Contabo and Digitalocean

What are the similarities of these cloud hosting providers, and why Contabo is the cheapest option available in the market? 

Let’s discuss this further

1 – Pricing of a VPS

The base pricing plan

contabo pricing plans
digitalocean pricing
FeatureContabo VPSDigitalOcean Droplet
Minimum price$6.99 per month$5 per month
RAM – Memory8 GB RAM1 GB RAM
NVMe Storage50 GB NVMe (No extra cost)NVMe for 1$/mo extra
Bandwidth32 TB Traffic1 TB Traffic
Setup fee$6.99 One timeNo Setup fee
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Winner: Contabo

2 – The Data Centers

United StatesYesYes
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Contabo has datacentres in 3 countries. DigitalOcean has its datacentres in 7 different countries.

Winner: DigitalOcean

3 – Technology & SaaS

contabo nvme server free

Contabo offers standard VPS servers with upgraded NVMe Storage at no extra cost. Though the storage you get is 50 GB

NVMe server in digitalocean

However, DigitalOcean still offers only 25 GB NVMe for 6$ per month.

Winner: Contabo

You can deploy OpenSuse, ArchLinux, AlmaLinux, or Windows without any hassle. Just by choosing the OS in your order configuration.

DigitalOcean does not have these OS in its one-click deploy menu. But what all DigitalOcean has there, Contabo has it already.

Winner: Contabo

DigitalOcean has a marketplace of applications that you can install on your server automatically with bash script upon deployment.

No such features are there on Contabo. 

Winner: DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean offers deployment with custom Images. Custom Image deployment is another cool feature if you’re an advanced-level cloud engineer.

DigitalOcean is more like a developer cloud where you can do everything you want. On the other hand, Contabo offers you a standard cloud computing product at a lower cost.

Winner: DigitalOcean

4 – The main difference

The main difference between Contabo VPS and DigitalOcean is that Contabo VPS offers standard VPS, Dedicated VDS, and Outlet Servers at unbelievably cheap costs. DigitalOcean pricing is way much more costly in its comparison.

5 – Object Storage

Contabo DigitalOcean
ProductContabo Object StorageDigitalOcean Spaces
Price$2.49 / 250 GB$5.00 / 250 GB
In-built CDNNoYes
RegionEU onlyUS, NL, DE, SG
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Look at the price comparison of 1 TB storage space with 2 TB of data transfer each month.

Contabo proves itself to be the cheapest object storage provider, which it is.

Winner: Contabo